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“A different perspective of holidays in Los Santos-Las Tablas-Santo Domingo, land of colonial and immaterial heritage with Las Tablas Panama Tours and Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell/Hostel Kimmell: a sustainable lodging.”

Here at Las Tablas Panama Tours, in partnership with our sister-family business Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kmmell we created a new sustainable culture that engages our own family, our staff, guests, visitors, suppliers, service providers and the community, while maintaining a sustainable services  and benefit the local community.

For our businesses, tourism sustainability is a priority, adhering to sustainable guidelines bringing positive results to it, our own way of life and benefits to the environment and our communities. We continuously invest in sustainable solutions in the long term, adhering to sustainable development. The status of our role as a socially responsible agent is a priority, and we hope to make the change curve faster, reducing the environmental consequences.

We know that the practices we have implemented in the last year will not see results in the short term and we know we will have to wait to see them, but our expectation is to see positive changes, especially in bio-environmental issues, cultural diversity and consumerism. One of our challenges is that our communities need to be trained to understand the importance and impact of sustainable practices. And it takes time. That is why we want our guests and visitors to feel inspired and informed, to know this Panama, and that we are much more than a Canal.

We recognize that the biodiversity of the country and our province and the authenticity of its people, its kindness and hospitality, and its intangible and oral heritage as some of our main strengths.

We are continuously working to expand our products with new activities and initiatives, while also drawing attention to the many cultural and gastronomic experiences the country also has to offer tourists.

Panama is barely known for its outdoor and nature experiences, while there is also an incredible range of food, urban and cultural experiences on offer. New products shall continually be developed.

Giving new visitors recommendations about where to go and what to see when visiting any popular destination is easy. But choosing only three is almost impossible. Narrowing it down to a few things is incredibly difficult, as the primary appeal for many of our visitors is our diversity. However, visitors shouldn’t miss a chance to experience our varied groups’ dances, food and culture, meet our unique wildlife, learn about our many autochthonous regional dresses, ways of living, celebrations and work and spend some time in our beautiful landscapes, enjoying nature and also learning about our history and heritage while interacting with the locals. All of these and much more is what makes a trip to Panama a truly unique adventure into a rich and exciting culture!!!

Panama ranks among the first 50th countries in The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index, U.S. News Best Countries; among the Top 10th Tourist Destinations in Latin America by the World Economic Forum. We hope we can assistance in enhancing that rank.

We have been working hard to raise Santo Domingo, Las Tablas and Panama profile among international visitors, and in this special year in  which the United Nations has designated 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, we are delighted to have the recommendation of a number of great titles, such as been feature in Blog  Adventures in Anthropology (http://pedersenjanni.blogspot.com/) AND New York Times Travels publication titled Parents in Tow, Finding a Charming and Cheap Corner of Panama (http://nyti.ms/1PkXAbP), as we continue to work hard towards being the first and only lodging facility in the whole province of Los Santos to be certified as a Sustainable Lodging Facility by the Panamanian Tourism Authority (A.T.P.) among the only 10 participants nationwide.

Due to the petite size of our lodging facility – 6 rooms in total– we can offer customized and personal service that many large hotels cannot—which we consider to be an attractive factor for travelers hoping to immerse themselves in the culture of Panama.

What We Offer

Lodging and Tour Combined Packages

The stay includes breakfast (not lunch, except the tour indicates otherwise) or dinner (except the tour indicates otherwise). If the guest wants to purchase dinner and / or minibar, he/she must notify the hostel in advance.

The bedroom features a private room, with A / C, cable tv, Wi-Fi, daily cleaning, private bathroom, hot water. All our tours offer a qualified tour guide, two of them bilingual (Spanish and English) and includes: a sandwich with deli and / or cheese and fresh vegetables; 2- bar of nuts and dried fruits; 3-) fresh fruit; 4) water. We carry an  emergency Kid, gel and individual antibacterial towels, sanitary paper, sun block and mosquito repellent.

There will be no refunds for canceled tours. The guest may reschedule the tour, and it will carry an administrative cost of B / .15.00 per person per day and it is subject to availability.

Our tours are personalized; therefore, we require a minimum of 2 visitors and up to a maximum of 16 visitors”


We want our home to be a retreat for you

We believe in what we do and put ourselves in our guests’ shoes and want your experience to be unique, unforgettable and above all, want you to cherish your memories of Santo Domingo de Las Tablas, Panama forever! Ours is a small but warmth- filled family bed and breakfast. We do our best to fulfill our guests need to know about Panama, our culture, and way of living. Our guests are the reason why we do enjoy this line of business. We do our best to nurture our guests and offer a new opportunity for them to experience life in this little neck of the woods.