Relaxation Area

Right outside your room, is a gated relaxation area where all guests can enjoy the open space. Come experience peace and ease on our colorful hammocks, irresistible chairs and find the comfort you’ve been waiting for.


  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Coffee or tea
  • Bread with confectionaries
  • Deli of the day
  • Fruit of the day

All brekfast is subject to change caused by availability of products. If guests require a different menu, an additional charge will be added. Complimentary coffee and such will be available until 21:00.

Complimentary Cocktails

Upon arrival, guests are not only greeted with hospitality, but also with a welcoming cocktail. Here at Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell, we take it to heart to make your stay an incredible one.

The Garden Area

We have a space set up for you to have the beauty of nature all around you and at the same time, sit in comfortable chairs, maybe read a book.  The choice is yours. Listen to the sound of our birds chirping to nature’s melody.

Free Wireless Internet Service

For those that desire the technologies of today, WI-FI internet access is free and available throughout the premises.


We will be able to provide package tours and/or tour guide services, to the many attraction of the area. All at an additional cost. For example, we offer a guided tour to the local coffee manufacturing factory. This is an amazing experience.



1000 Polleras Festival

Cantadera Panameña

An abundance of cultural activities, like folkloric, historical or gastronomic are present here. Very interesting for the tourist seeking to do something different yet extaordinary. Where they can observe the different parts of our beautiful Polleras, its jewelry and the various types of tembleques, and how they are made. As well as to watch how Cutarras and other typical footwear are made out of leather or fabric, how the box or drum instruments are made and played, attend a fair, a tamborito, bullfights or cattle roping or looping competitions. To watch how cows are hand milked before dawn, and how the marking iron is placed on their skin and the process of vaccinating the cattle. How the different types of typical hats are made or to attend and participate in a Junta to build a Quincha house or the harvesting of rice. Maybe even the milling of sugar cane in the summer to obtain honey or sugar cane juice, to watch the processing of cheese and artisan breads, bollos and tamales and enjoy their delicious flavor. To buy an elegant camisilla, pay a visit to the local museums for historical information unknown by most or visit the Casa de Artesanías and the Casa del Campesino. You can enjoy a simple but delicious lunch in the mountainous areas of Las Tablas, with beautiful views of the mountain range, horseback riding or go for a swim or an afternoon walk on the Uverito Beach. You can ride on a wooden cart pulled by oxen. There is much to see and do without having to go very far. An additional charge will be added if guests require a guide.