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The following are our terms and conditions:

  • A reservation or inquiry remains as ‘provisional‘ only until Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell has received 50% of the total booking  fee as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and only after receipt of this deposit does the reservation become subject to our terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy. Fifty (50) percent of rate must be paid for your reservation to be confirmed. Only then will your reservation be complete. (For guests outside Panama, payment can be made via Pay Pal or Western Union. For guests within Panama, payment can be made via Pay Pal or direct deposit). After receipt of the deposit, as outlined above, the booking becomes ‘guaranteed’. Remaining balance must be paid in full upon arrival and by cash only. All outstanding fees for accommodation must be paid at check-in on arrival date of the booking.
  • All guests may be required to provide appropriate photo identification at check-in and to complete and sign a guest registration form that also states that he/she has read, understands and will abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  • Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell retains the right, at the owner’s discretion, to charge a Room Security deposit of up to $250.00 for any group booking (more than 5 guests) made under these terms and conditions. The owner may, at her discretion, carry out a room inspection of all rooms to determine that no malicious or accidental damage has occurred. Should any damage be found, the guest or group (more than 5 guests) shall be charged accordingly, and the guest or group (more than 5 guests) booking may be terminated at the owner’s discretion with no refund of monies paid.
  • Should any guest or group (more than 5 guests) be found to have non-paying persons staying in their room(s), the guest or group (more than 5 guests) shall be charged for the extra persons and the on-going booking may be, at the owner’s discretion, terminated with no refund of monies paid.
  • Should a guest or group (more than 5 guests) become unruly in any manner resulting in complaints or, at the owner’s discretion, disturbing other guests, Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell retains the right to terminate the agreement resulting in eviction with no refund of money paid. All areas within Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell are designated No Smoking and No Pets Allowed. Smoking, in any area of the hostel, is a serious offence and will be treated as such, possibly resulting in the eviction of anyone breaking this regulation. Illegal substances of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in the eviction, and possible prosecution, of the offending party. Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell retains the right to refuse entry to the building of any persons that are clearly under the influence of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol.
  • Amendments can be made up to 24 hours prior to the day of arrival depending upon the nature of the change and availability, and may result in a possible rate change. Should you wish to cancel your booking, the total of the amount paid as deposit will be retained by Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell to cover administrative expenses. If after check-in, guest must depart earlier than scheduled reservation date; a credit will be issued for the next three (3) months. No cash refunds. By making a cancellation or non-arrivals you automatically forfeit your booking fee. Should any, or all, guests not arrive on the booked date of arrival, Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell will retain the full amount of the deposit or booking fee paid for non- arriving guests and the remainder of the booking will be cancelled (unless you notify us of any late arrival within 24 hours prior the original booking date).
  • Check- in at any time from 1300. Kindly vacate by 1300. Early check in and/or late check- out after this time can be requested subject to availability and will be charged at a $25 (per room). Check-Ins after 22:00hrs requires an additional charge of $25. (per room).
  • We take no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belongings or vehicles.
  • All our rooms have a split type A/C unit (to be turned off – as well as all lights – when the guest leaves or is not inside the room, otherwise, they will incur an additional charge of 10.00USD per day), private bathroom, closet, hot water, cable TV and wicker chair (s). The rate includes full breakfast (served from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.), as well as daily cleaning of the room (Monday to Saturday until 12 m.d./not available in the afternoons or on Sundays); one (1) bottle of water per occupant (which can be filled until 9 p.m. from our kitchen to continue its use and decrease the waste of plastic bottles), daily towels for exclusive use inside the hostel (any towel removed or damaged or stained by the guest will cost 8.00USD), free Wi-Fi, use of common area and gazebo with hammocks and private fenced parking. We accept pets (limited to one per room and at a daily cost of 25.00USD per pet, and with the understanding that its owner cleans any accidents that it may have, pay any damage that the pet may cause and keep it in your room if there are other guests and / or them feel disturbed by their behavior and / or barking). Our check-in is from 1 pm. Check- out at 11 am.
  • In order to guarantee the reservation, the guest must make the payment of the non- refundable deposit of 50% of the stay, as follows: if you are in Panama, you may do it through the deposit to our savings account, Money Gram, Western Union or Pay Pal (detailed instructions will be provided upon request). We do not have credit card terminal, we only accept cash in site. Once the guest makes the payment, you must send us a copy of the deposit slip and we will then send you the official confirmation of the reservation, and the detailed explanation of our address. Once the payment has been made and the guest is presented with a situation that prevents him from entering the date of the reservation or departs before the requested date, there will be no refund of any sums paid. You will only be given a credit to be used within the next three (3) months and subject to the availability of the new requested date and the applicable rate at that time.