Your Hosts

Hostel Kimmell/Hostal Familiar La Casita de los Kimmell is family owned and operated by Mrs. Martha J. Kimmell.  She is a national of Panama, 3rd generation owner of the house. The Hostel was built in 1960 by Martha’s great uncle in honor of his mother, Martha’s great grandmother. Mrs. Kimmell is also an attorney and an official interpreter and has studied and lived overseas for several years. Martha purchased the house in 2008 and began improvements and renovations in late September of that year. She dreamed of turning her home into a guest house, the first and only one in Santo Domingo, the land of her ancestors, the place where she experienced some of her greatest childhood memories, where hospitality and history, folk and kindness meet.

The Kimmell family wants to welcome you and your family to our home. We hope you enjoy this little piece of Panama, remember us and come back.

Welcome to our country!